MyCells Stem Cell Facelift 

This medical facelift is done by extracting your own blood and using the stem cell rich serum to reinject into your skin for a youthful appearance and natural tightening and lifting effect.


Stem cells from your own body know best what your skins youthful natural blueprint is supposed to look like. They form and adjust to the shape your body informs them to do. 


The Stem Cell Facelift also called MyCells® is a revolutionary procedure that is far more effective than a traditional face lift. MyCells® is safer because it does not involve facial cutting, which is damaging on many levels to the fascia underlying your skin and your meridian acupuncture system. With your own natural stem cells the recovery time is non to a few days and results are very long lasting. 
The body continues to use the cells over many months to refresh your look.

The Stem Cell face lift procedure takes only a few hours to complete. Many patients have it performed on a Thursday or Friday, and take an extended weekend to recover- nobody needs to know, you will simply look magnificent.

This innovative procedure harvests stem cells from your own blood serum, and re-injects these stem cells into the appropriate areas of your face, neck, hands or body. This gives a three-dimensional contour to your face which can be sculpted, restoring youthful proportions. Your face will be the same face, but younger, more refreshed, and more healthy. In addition, it’s more cost-effective than traditional face lift.

The MyCells lift can be performed on most body parts  like your neck, hands and buttocks so that you can feel truly youthful. 

Pulsacare Microcurrent Facelift and Body

Facelifting with Microampere current technology for a tighter , firmer look. Available for the face and neck.

Also usable on the chest to naturally lift the breast as well as to tighten and firm the buttocks and thighs. Our medical beauty expert will apply strategically placed electrodes to your skin. Pulsacare technology was developed by a scientist and geopath in understanding with earths magnetic fields and electrical currents of our body, the treatments strengthens our micro circulation for a long term rejuvenation. 

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers 

Fillers with Hyaluronic acid and other natural substances are strategically injected by a medical doctor to plum up deep wrinkles and fine lines. Lip injections are done for a natural look of fullness without distorting your facial lines or the fake plastic look. Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty matrix. Contact us to book an appointment with a free consultation.


Non-Surgical Facelifts

The skin is tightened and pulled into a more youthful position with one or more self-dissolving threads under the skin. It is a non-surgical lasting face lift to fight the signs of sagging skin. Safe and long lasting without toxic or harmful effects. 

Vitamin and Amino Acid Injections.