MyCells Beauty Farm 

Looking great is an inside job. We  work to combine holistic life enhancing principles with modern technology for your best cellular rejouvenation. 

Our target is to make you look younger and fresher. We want you to feel exuberant in your own skin. 

Our techniques  and technologies work from the inside out and give you a lift without that plastic look of surgery or the long term dangers of Botox. 

We work with models and TV personalities, men and women alike. Whether you are a busy mom or a CEO feeling great and looking it go hand in hand. 


For extra medical attention stay at Residenz Alexado the in-house luxury hotel and book a detox week under M.D. supervision. After evaluation and applied kinesiological testing for the perfect inside-out cleanses , vitamin IV's and treatments, your body and skin will be feeling younger, fresher , tighter and more attractive. 


Our Philosophy


Your soul shines through your skin. And we want you to shine from the inside out through our special attentive care and inovative technologies in conjunction with nature. We perform treatments in accordance to earth and moon cycles. No matter your age or wheter you are a man or a woman we invite you to more radiant beauty and vitality.

Contact us today for a free consultation. + 43 -533223500